The Myths of Digital Transformation

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You And Your Transformation Project Will Suffer If
You Do Not Tame “The Digital Beast”

Don’t Jeopardise Your Digital Transformation Project Or Your
Career Any Longer!

In today’s fast-moving business environment, you must have total confidence and control of your digital transformation project from the beginning. If you don’t, then the “digital beast” will get to you, wrecking deadlines, alienating stakeholders and jeopardising the very success of your project.

Whether companies are public sector, publicly listed, privately held or not for profit, project leaders carry the responsibility for the impact – positive or negative – of their project outcomes. All too ofter, the people managing transformation projects work excessive hours, endure repeated and humiliating delays, and end up with damaged reputations.

In this groundbreaking book for business leaders, you will discover:

  • How to tame the “digital beast” so that your deadlines are met and projects are implemented successfully (follow these steps and become a master project “slayer”)
  • The #1 reason why transformation projects of all types fail (the answer may surprise you!)
  • The secret to delivering projects on schedule and within budget every time, no matter what the project or environment (hint: it starts with nailing down the plan for success)
  • How to ensure your project’s impact on people is measured just as effectively as its technical capabilities (if you miss these critical points, it will be hard to recover)
Dean Carlton is Australia’s #1 strategic digital advisor for forward-thinking business heroes. He helps leaders take control of their digital transformation projects and align their technology, business, processes, and people with confidence and minimal stress.

Dean has worked with multiple industries, including financial services, manufacturing, retail, and not-for-profit. He has implemented projects for JP Morgan Chase & Co., Post Office Limited, Vertu/Nokia, Hasbro UK, PC World, Holland & Barrett, Toyota, KPMG, and Baxter Healthcare, to name a few.

Dean has a 100% successful track record managing transformation projects to time, budget, and quality. He has led projects up to AU$61.5M and provided strategic consulting to programs up to AU$100M.

For over 30 years, Dean has been sought after by business leaders on both the client side and the supplier side of digital transformation projects to help them address the many pitfalls on the path to successful implementation. He adapts easily and quickly to any new environment and brings a unique financial and value-based approach to digital projects.

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I was especially impressed at the speed with which Dean quickly established credible and effective relationships with senior stakeholders across the organisation, enabling him to immediately identify, assess, and resolve a number of issues to get the program on track. … It is refreshing to work with an external consultant that can provide firm guidance down the path to digital success, whilst engaging and bringing my own team along on the journey.
Peter Lambourne

Chief Executive Officer, Broadcast Australia

With more than 50 people directly working on the mobility program and a dozen or so executive-level stakeholders across all areas of the business, Dean had his hands full – strategically, politically, and tactically. His tenacity and ability to engage and gain the trust of his stakeholders ensured critical program delivery dates were achieved, with a smooth and well-handled launch. I would highly recommend Dean to any executive that is looking for a heavy-hitting Project Director that they can depend on to successfully deliver challenging program outcomes.
Gary Blohm

Co-Founder & Partner, Blue Dot Solutions

Over the course of my 18 years working with enterprise asset management solutions, I have witnessed many projects spiral into a point of “analysis-paralysis”…requiring a “jump-start” to re-centre the project charter – a process that is quite delicate, to say it best. Dean is able to manage this redirection, and all the culture implications that come with it, naturally…with ease. I recommend him to anyone who desires a professional….with a strong business and technical acumen, an innate sense of true end-goal discovery and most importantly, the ability to map a plan to methodically attain it.
Kevin Price

Product Director, Infor

I worked with Dean on a significant project to update our CAD and PDM systems at Vertu. He has proven to be a very reliable consultant who delivered a solution in extremely challenging timescale and cost targets. As if that were not enough, we then made significant changes as the project progressed…! His combination of drive, tenacity, teamwork, and sheer dogged hard work allowed us to deliver the solution to time and budget.
Neil Hooper

Group Chief Technology Officer, Audiotonix (Former Director, R&D & OLS at Vertu)

Based on his experience, Dean knows that the ever-increasing pace of today’s fast-moving business environment demands that you have control of the complex variables that try to bring your project down to its proverbial knees. You must learn how to “tame the beast” so your project is delivered successfully, without casualties along the way.

In his new book Slaying The Digital Beast, Dean confronts 11 common myths about digital transformation projects and shares alternative ways of looking at and dealing with their accepted (but faulty!) wisdom. Through personal insights and case studies, he will show you how to gain control of your multi-faceted projects that impact both the technical and the people side of business.

In this breakthrough book, you will learn:

  • How to slay your digital transformation project and become a bona fide “boardroom hero”
  • What challenges to be on the lookout for during each phase of your project’s life cycle
  • The hidden pitfalls of putting everything you want into a transformation project at once
  • The key role your organisation actually plays in knowing what is the “right” project strategy
  • How to keep your stress levels low, your confidence high, and your reputation intact when there are bumps in the project road